About Us

"Anaiya" - She who is free. Freedom to make your own choices, to be bold, and to express yourself. 

We are an online based store that specializes in selling high-quality Indian jewelry. I have always been mesmerized and stunned by Indian fashion, especially when it comes to intricate and extravagant accessories.


What makes your jewelry hypo-allergenic?

When most people see a beautiful outfit, I begin to see the many ways to accessorize the outfit. What I’ve found difficult, though, is finding quality jewelry for an affordable price, especially when looking for anything that is hypo-allergenic. Subsequently, I looked into multiple cities in India and was able to find manufacturers who were able to supply me with everything I was looking for: Affordable, High-Quality, and Hypo-Allergenic accessories.


What metals do you use? 

When it comes to metal allergies, the most common metal allergy is Nickel. I have a few different designs and therefore, not all can be made with the same metal; however, all of my accessories are nickel-free.


What materials do you use?

The types of metal base I use for my jewelry are Copper, Brass and Kundan, all polished with 22 Karat Micro-Gold Plating.


What are the benefits?

For someone like myself, I have always loved jewelry, but have lived in fear of the reaction my skin would have when wearing it. All my accessories feel light in weight and soft on the skin, so if you’re someone like me, you will definitely appreciate the feeling of relief while still looking extravagant and elegant.